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Welcome to our page. I have been keeping marine and fresh water aquariums for over 20 years off and on. We try to provide lots of up to date articles on maintaining an aquarium. We also have many awesome links on the right side bar to all things both Fresh Water and Salt Water Aquarium related. Things like Medicines, diagnosis charts, Fish Identification Databases, DIY Projects, Just to name a few. Quick Links to our tank Journals there as well.

Around here we like Salt Water Aquariums just as much as Fresh water aquariums. We don't mind although they must be "OddBall", "Predatory", or "Monster" Fish and when they are all three we are most happy!! So stay a while, poke around a bit and look through our collection of Angler Fish, Bala Sharks, Snoflake Eel, Plecostomos, Spotted Gar, Volitans Lion Fish, Polypterus, Damsels, and many assorted others...

We will be posting comments and pics here all related to keeping our fish. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Any posts I copy from another site will include the URL I got it from and the person who posted it. I don't just post links because often sites disappear and leave you with dead links. If you find one of your posts on these pages and wish to amend it or have it removed completely please just comment on the post and include your contact information and I will be glad to assist you in your wishes.

Enjoy our tanks!!!

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55 Gallon FW Predator (Monster) Grow Out Tank

55 Gallon FW Predator (Monster) Grow Out Tank

Name: P01Start Date: Sunday June 15, 2008
Status: Established

Tank: 55 gal
Dimensions: 48 in L x 12 in W x 21 in H = 52.36364 US gallons
Water Type: Freshwater

Average Water Condition:
Temperature: 82 deg. F
Ammonia: 0.0 ppm
Nitrites: 0.0 ppm
Nitrates: 0.0 ppm
PH: 7.2
PH TOD (Time of Day for test): 10:02 PM
Hardness (GH):
Hardness (KH):

Softening agents:
Live Plants

Hardening agents:

Lighting: Natural indirect sunlight + 2 florescent in Hood.

Filtration: (1) Cascade 700 (Both Trays stocked with Bio-Balls and Fluval Bio-Media) On top of generic Filter Pads. Tray 1 also has Sponge. (1) Tetratec PF501 (HOB) all 4 slots stocked with Tetratec Pro II dual density Filter Cartridges Pn# 26045

Heating: N/A

Cooling: Large room fan pointed at the tanks and air conditioning in the room.

Aeration: (1) aquaclear 70 power head, and a Circular air ring fed by a Wisper AP 300

Substrate: @ 75 Lbs. Mystic White Swimming Pool Filter sand

Decoration: Mostly Low light Plants, Rocks found outside and treated to be placed in aquarium, Extralarge driftwood.

Current Stock:
(10) Bala Shark(s) (Balantiocheilos melanopterus)
(2) Banded Bichir (Polypterus Delhezi)

Feedings schedule: Twice a day once in AM and once in the late PM
Water Change Schedule: 25% Once a Month.

4/17/10 - Pic of tank

Bala Shoal - Bala Shark(s) (Balantiocheilos melanopterus)

Largest of the 2 Delhizi - Banded Bichir (Polypterus Delhezi)

Smaller of the 2 Delhezi - Banded Bichir (Polypterus Delhezi)

WOW talk about dumb mistakes!!

I dosed my 55 gal with some vitamins because one of the balas had a cut where he tried to jump out of tank and hit lid (happens, especially with kids around). So as usual I turn off the filtration for about 15 minutes when I put the vitamins in. Well today when I went to do my cleaning on the tank I got to the canister and found it off... Dumb mistake!! Luckily I have a sponge and I Hob on that tank and the HOB can run the tank solo anyway. I tested the water and got 0-0-20 so all is good. I dumped the canister and reseeded it with some of my spare media from the FW FX5. It was really stinky in there, amazing just 8 hrs, so much bacteria can die. Oh well all's good, just thought I would share my "dumb moment" Will do some more pics when the water settles down.

Ok I did tests and I was correct in my assumption that the HOB would handle the load. All water parameters are fine.

Here are some more pics:

04/19/10 Tank Pic ( After spring cleaning the tank) - I scrubbed inside and outside, cleaned Cascade filter and Lids, heater, cleaned and re-attached the sponge to the power head - (Balas knock it off a lot), Repositioned the return flow of the Cascade so it shoots across the width of tank - Always wanted to do it in the past but It required me to cut the return pipe and also to cut notches in the plastic portion of the lid (its a one piece deal), Of coarse 40% WC and re graded sand, repositioned all decorations. Removed the bubble ring (too much current activity already with 3 filters). Cleaned the HP/QT tank which resides under this tank in the cabinet. Cleaned out the storage area in cabinet. Wow I'm tired now that I list what I've

Matching Book - Notice the positions of MR & Mrs I promise this was not staged. For some reason they do this often. I do know that slightly arched position is usually the "Setting up Snare for food" pose. Team work in scoping out food I

Some Bonding - I say they are a pair but I haven't tried to sex them yet so its just wishful thinking till I take the time to figure it

Nite time bala shoaling

Wanted to share a pic of how tight balas shoal at night. Also look at the way they are suspended just off the structure. I know its hard to tell cause this isnt a video but they are actually all swimming in place hovering in that spot. Pretty neat huh?
Its funny too they go into a kind of sleep If you startle them while they are in this state ie turn on the tank light or jump around too close to the tank (kids tough on fish no matter how much you tell they freak out. I got this pic with a flash at what seems to be the beginning of the "sleep" cycle. They aren't as jumpy when they first settle in and they seem to suspend lower as the time goes on till they are practically on the structure. Its amazing the things fish do. 
More Pics!!!

Bala Close UP

Largest Delhezi close up - He is almost ready for big tank 10" whoohooo! Extra servings for him this month!!

Balas Grazing Driftwood and Shoaling
Default More Pics!!! Cont.-


All 10 in one don't want to know how many shots it took to get that
More Pics!!!

Tank Shot
05-14-2010, 01:27 PM  - Bala Trajedy!!

Well, Lost 3 balas over last 3 days (one yesterday 2 today). Worst of all the largest one which was our favorite. Minor Autopsy (dissection and internal/external examination with a magnifying glass) presented no symptoms other than stress(our fish generally have spectacular color and scales and fin condition - the two fish in question did not match the typical condition of the others) on the initial & second death, however the other one that died today appeared to have very mild Columnaris. I believe this is secondary to the initial cause. It is however of worthy note that Columnaris is capable of rapid growth and is linked to septicemia. If the initial point of entry was the gills and internally then the external symptoms would have taken longer to present and possible the 1st fish to contract the pathogen could possibly die with little to no external symptoms.

About 3 days ago I think one of the kids put something into the bala tank or maybe their hand in the water with some contaminant(Soap..etc) on it. I have all our tank lids secured from things getting out but I didn't feel the need to secure it from the (when they were a little younger I found the occasional Lego or toy solider in there, but I thought we were past that stage). I guess I will also remedy that situation today with some rocks on the lids.

I'm fairly certain this was what happened because @3 days before this event I used one of the filter cartridges from the bala tank as seed(rinse cartridge in a rinse bucket of tank water then, put back in filter, then let new filter run in the rinse bucket till the water is clear) to prime the internal filter on the molly feeder bin. There are no issues in the molly tank so it had to happen after that time. I had done a 40 % WC and spring cleaning on all the filters just @15 days ago.

Immediate actions taken:
Three days ago when one of the fish(the first one to die) appeared severely ill yet presented no outward signs of a pathogen and the other fish started acting suspicious, I suspected an issue so I checked all the water parameters and all good(0-0-10 PH= 7.0) & did a 75% WC. Anyway,
the balas now have Columnaris and I am treating that now. So far the birchirs are fine but that is to be expected as they are truly hardy fish.

The initial cause could be Columnaris or a toxin or a combination of both. In any case I defiantly have Columnaris to deal with now. I am treating for both situations and will update as soon as I have notable information.

Might not be around the AC as much as I deal with this. Wish me luck.

PS I will try to get some pics However I tend to worry less about pics than my fish when an illness arises. So it may be after the event that I actually get to post the pics...sorry

05-15-2010, 02:58 PM - Bala Trajedy

symptoms are backing off but colors are "Bleached" can tell they are stressed.
Respiration slightly above normal
Water parameters are ok 0-0-0
Will include PH in tomorrows tests.

05-17-2010, 12:59 PM  - Bala Trajedy!!

symptoms are still dissapating
Color has returned slightly
Fish have returned partially to shoaling activities
Respiration still slightly above normal
Water parameters are ok 0-0-0

05-19-2010, 12:11 AM  - Bala Trajedy!!

symptoms are all but gone
Color has almost returned completely
Fish have returned completely to normal behavior
Respiration normal
Discontinued meds yesterday
Water parameters are ok 0-0-0
Birchirs are fine but slightly unhappy due to reduced feeding schedule.

  05-19-2010, 03:12 AM - AM

Couldn't resist to sneak a night feeding to the Made sure they ate it all. They look happier..maybe its just in my mind.