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Welcome to our page. I have been keeping marine and fresh water aquariums for over 20 years off and on. We try to provide lots of up to date articles on maintaining an aquarium. We also have many awesome links on the right side bar to all things both Fresh Water and Salt Water Aquarium related. Things like Medicines, diagnosis charts, Fish Identification Databases, DIY Projects, Just to name a few. Quick Links to our tank Journals there as well.

Around here we like Salt Water Aquariums just as much as Fresh water aquariums. We don't mind although they must be "OddBall", "Predatory", or "Monster" Fish and when they are all three we are most happy!! So stay a while, poke around a bit and look through our collection of Angler Fish, Bala Sharks, Snoflake Eel, Plecostomos, Spotted Gar, Volitans Lion Fish, Polypterus, Damsels, and many assorted others...

We will be posting comments and pics here all related to keeping our fish. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Any posts I copy from another site will include the URL I got it from and the person who posted it. I don't just post links because often sites disappear and leave you with dead links. If you find one of your posts on these pages and wish to amend it or have it removed completely please just comment on the post and include your contact information and I will be glad to assist you in your wishes.

Enjoy our tanks!!!

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"Dear Tanks" - Advice / Faq Column

"Dear Tanks" -  Advice / Faq Column

I recieve a lot of comments from people with issues on keeping their fish.  I recommend that if you have a tough aquarium issue you join one of the many quality web forums and ask your question there.  When it comes to problem solving many minds are often much more effective than just one mind.  For fresh water aquariums I recommend sites like  or and for Salt Water aquariums I recommend sites like

I have however decided If you submit your issue to me in the comments section of this article I will pick one question per week and do my best to answer your question.

So without further adue our first question comes to us from "anonymous"

He asks "What is the correct way to dispose of dead fish?"

Well I chose your question for the first one in this column because it is a very common question & one I have answered many times.

There are only four viable methods to dispose of any aquatic pet kept as a hobby irregardless of it's size:
1) Animal control - If it is diseased
2) Burial - This is the preferred method.
3) Cremation
4) With some tartar sauce and a slice of lemon... - Seriously though for those who might consider this, it is not advised if the cause of death is questionable or there is any doubt if meds were ever used during the life of the animal. Since no one can be sure about either of those questions it is just a bad idea. Don't get offended at the thought though, after all fish eat fish all the time...

Seriously under no circumstances should you ever release an animal dead or alive:
- Into the sewage
- Down the toilet
- Into a lake, pond, Stream, aquifer...etc (only exception being your own pond.)
- The ocean
- Trash
- Land fill

Dead or alive fish we keep have are different than those in the wild because they have been exposed to medications and bacteria that can alter their physiology from those found in the wild. And dead or alive they contain bacteria that are alive or dormant. This can have major adverse effects if released into the public fisheries and waterways 

Thank You for your question - Tanks


Margie Loewen said... " Thanks for taking the time to write these articles. I've been keeping cichlids for a few years. I adopted a wayward 6" discus who we call Samson. Poor thing, he's had three females in the past few years and he's had to wtch them die - mostly my fault - under-educated. Each one has taught me something different cuz discus just seem to either come with or develope the wierdest stuff. I had never seen fish lice, pH shock, or hexamita before. The latter is what i'm battling now. Trying to keep the pH stable while you're medicating is REALLY tricky - it's what killed my last female. I'm not trying to breed them or anything, I just want Samson to be happy, but Delila #3 ( only about 4")is not looking good. It seems the smaller the discus, the less hardy they are. Samson looks like he's going to pull through, but his affliction is not too bad- caught it early cuz I've really been watching Delila, tank parameters, H2O changes etc.. I'm treating with API General Cure (250mg Metronidazole + 75mg praziquantel per packet) and Maracyn (200mg ethromycin/pkt) 4-5 packets for 55 gal heavily planted tank, w/ 5 cories, 4 banjo cats, 1 6" gold nugget pleco and 6 smallish guppies. The discus were both pitch black last night - now Samson's closer to normal looking, Delila goes in and out- black to normal and back. I'm very concerned cuz she hasn't eaten in 4 days. Diet consisted mainly of frozen brine shrimp, and black worms, Samson likes BW but she won't touch them. I feed NLS grow to the rest of the tank - but discus won't touch it. I've tried Tetra color bits - nope - they'll wait for the good stuff which I only feed at night. I was going to move them to a sand bottom/ pot-planted 65 (3'x18") but i'm thinking now, i'll wait, don't want to stress them. I really love Samson, i hope delila makes it. Do you have any suggestions on how to maintain stable pH when medicating? I keep the at pH of 7 (my well-water tap) KH of 9. But last night after medicating pH was 7.8! Did a 50% water change - that brought it down to 7.4 Should I use neutral regulator today? Just as a safety measure, I have been adding 1 tsp after water changes (rec dosage is 1 tsp/ 10-20 gal - once a month or as needed to maintain pH of 7). Thanks for any help, i'm new to this forum thing. sorry if i posted in the wrong place.
regards margi"

Margi I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your Discus.  As I mentioned at the top of this column this is not the best venue to discuss detailed issues  (sometimes two way conversation is best), I would reccomend if the things I offer you in this response do not help you as needed then you should try one of the forums I have listed to the right titled "Aquatic Forums We Like".  In any case it is also good when asking for advice on fish that you include details like water parameters, what is the parameters of your tap water?..etc.

Well that all having been said I will do my best with what you have provided which is quite a bit of good information BTW.  Unfortunately Discus are one of the most demanding Fresh Water Fish in the hobby to learn on.   Your are to be commended on your knowledge because it seems you have come a long way in your "Discus Adventure".  I strongly suggest you get a quarantine tank.  Also you should run strong aeration in the Hospital tank as this will help stabilize the pH.  You can also try using "aged" water.  To make aged water you simply set the dechlorinated water out in a container for several hours making sure to aerate it vigorously (strong air stone at the bottom of container).  Then from that point onward you only use the "Aged" water for all water changes.  Most medications should be re dosed in 24 to 48 hours so just changing the water between dosages of medication should avoid most pH issues.  Since you are not trying to breed Discus you can also try keeping your Discus at the natural pH that comes from your tap as long as it is not 8 or above.  It should also be noted that many keepers of Discus are now reporting the use of higher levels of pH in non breeding tanks or also tanks that do not contain "Wild Caught" Discus.  I would suggest you look into this as well.  You can find some good information on disease and the proper use of a QT/Hosp tank in this link.

*Note* when testing pH it is best to do it at the same time of day as the last time you did it as this can also effect readings

I hope this information helps you and good luck with your fish!!

- Tanks