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Welcome to our page. I have been keeping marine and fresh water aquariums for over 20 years off and on. We try to provide lots of up to date articles on maintaining an aquarium. We also have many awesome links on the right side bar to all things both Fresh Water and Salt Water Aquarium related. Things like Medicines, diagnosis charts, Fish Identification Databases, DIY Projects, Just to name a few. Quick Links to our tank Journals there as well.

Around here we like Salt Water Aquariums just as much as Fresh water aquariums. We don't mind although they must be "OddBall", "Predatory", or "Monster" Fish and when they are all three we are most happy!! So stay a while, poke around a bit and look through our collection of Angler Fish, Bala Sharks, Snoflake Eel, Plecostomos, Spotted Gar, Volitans Lion Fish, Polypterus, Damsels, and many assorted others...

We will be posting comments and pics here all related to keeping our fish. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

`D` - Well here is a social update on our current Predator tank (P01):

(1) Jar Aro - 8"
(5) Tri Color Shark's - 3.5 " each
(1) Albino Choc Pleco - 3"
(1) Common Pleco - 4"
(1) Clown Knife - @8"
(1) Needle Gar - 6"
(1) Elec. Cat - 6"

right now they are all babies, But anyway here is how they get along:

Jardini has some days when he bothers no one, other days he spars with the Knife, yet other days he just takes occasional nips at sharks. Sharks are too fast so he never catches them. The Cat comes out at night and EVERYONE respects they all go topside except the Plecos which the elec cat seems to actually enjoy thier company. I have noticed that as long as they all have swimming space and are well fed aggression is low. If we miss a feeding well then its "Get Ready to Rumble".

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